Green Building

First IGBC platinum green building in the region


38 KW Photovoltaic Solar Array

150 solar panels generate energy throughout the day

10 KW Wind Turbine Cluster

4 wind turbines work 24/7 to generate power


Units of power generated everyday


Electrical Points per apartment run on Green Energy


green energy used to light common areas


Electrical Points for charging Electric Vehicles

energy savings

Solar water heaters

7250 litres of water heated everyday

supplied to all master bedrooms at aura

reduces requirement of electric geysers

Gearless Kone Lifts

consume 25% less energy

Lower noise levels compared to Geared Lifts

lower maintenance costs & increased longevity

high performance windows

all windows have high performance st gobain glass

cuts out 80% of heat during the day

unlike sunfilm, it doesn't block light from entering

fly-ash blocks

regulates the temperature of your apartment

keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer

reduces air conditioning costs

Water Management System


Efficient usage of harvested Rain Water


Reduction in Water Tanker bills


Borewell Recharge Pits


Requirement for Individual RO Units

3 step water recycling process

Reverse Osmosis, Ozonisation & Ultra Filtration

100% recycled water

60% potable & 40% for Toilet Flushes & Irrigation Systems


Rooftop Farming & WASTE MANAGEMENT

Waste segregated at source

Dry and Wet waste is segregated at each apartment

2 phase vermicomposting

Earthworms convert organic residue to compost

Cement rings for garden waste

These pits hold organic matter till it decomposes

Rooftop kitchen garden

A horticultural venture growing herbs and vegetables

Self sustaining system

Fed with the building's compost and water from the STP

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Customer testimonials

"The remarkable thing about Asset Aura is it's commitment to the environment. The wind and solar energy farm that is used to power parts of this apartment complex impressed me a lot."

Chitra Subramanian

TATA Consultancy Services

"My first concern was the legal part, when I first met them, it was natural not to believe them. When I followed up with my lawyer, I was told that their documentation is perfect and genuine."

Radhakrishnan M P

Technical Support Specialist
IBM India

"We were very clear about what we wanted. We went to a lot of tier-A builders initially. We wanted natural light to be present in all the rooms, we wanted greenery. Finding that was tough elsewhere."

R M Sanjeev Kumar

Incident Manager
Akamai Technologies

"In this case, I saw testimonials of customer's from Asset's earlier projects. I thought, why would someone take the effort to do this unless they are satisfied. Today I'm glad I'm giving this testimony."

Rashmi Reddy


"Its my first home. I looked at a lot of apartments before this Aura. I was very satisfied with the location, the facilities the builder has provided and the price point."

S Suresh Kumar

Accenture Services Pvt Ltd

"One thing I've seen from day one and even now after occupying my apartment; the builders team treats us with the utmost respect. They hear us out, they implement as much as possible and are very courteous even if something isn't possible."

Sobers Peechattu Jose

Associate Manager
Accenture Services Pvt Ltd